Lasers and sharp tools.

That’s us, the dangerous crew


Jeremy Williams & Ed Tumolo, co-founders of Simple Creations, have been friends for over 20 years and established the business as a result of their shared interests and skills in creating things with our hands and minds.

About Jeremy

  • Technology and business professional with executive leadership experience.

  • Owner of Distilled Woodworks (

  • Alumni of the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!)

  • Alumni of Manatee High School (Go Hurricanes!)

About Ed

And if you can’t tell from the pictures we’ve shared, we both share an interest in fishing, boats, and … beautiful women with our wonderful wives by our sides.



Axiom PRO8 CNC

The CNC is a computer-controlled router essentially, though this machine sports a water-cooled spindle. Our machine is 24” x 48” and is a dream to use. The machine is controlled by Vectric VCarve Pro software.

Link to Axiom Website


Boss LS3655 Laser

In mid-2019 we upgraded from a Boss LS1420 to the LS3655 industrial series laser engraver. This 150 watt CO2 laser is capable of extremely delicate precision work and is also able to “cut” upwards of 3/4” stock. The machine uses a Ruida controller, however the preparation work is done mostly in Lightburn software.

Link to Boss Website