Custom Made Simple

Our Typical Custom Project Process


Step 1 - Initial Consult

We will work closely with you in the initial phase to understand your needs, provide ideas and advice as needed, and propose a product which meets your needs.


Step 2 - Design & Prototype

For single and very small batch runs, we will share with you the plan and a design. Last minute changes can be made here until we have what you are looking for.

For all other batch runs, we will typically create a physical prototype for you to review and accept before creating many more.


Step 3 - Build it!

We get to work! Once the items are completed, we will hand deliver (locally) or ship them to you as per our arrangement.

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The vast majority of the work we accept is single or small batch requests that most shops simply cannot take on. We will consider any project though, and appreciate the opportunity to evaluate and propose our services to earn your business. Please complete the form below to contact us, or email us directly at


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